As more cannabis-infused beverages appear in our local stores and dispensaries, it has sparked interest in those looking for a healthier, more fulfilling alternative to alcohol. Of course, compared to vapes or edibles, the cannabis beverage market is still quite small — but with the rise of new technology in this industry, it’s certainly evolving! 

With the growing popularity, there are numerous brands of cannabis beverages that have popped up across Canada and some of the United States. But the question is, what makes State B Cannabis Beverages so unique? Follow along as we take a closer look into the making of State B drinks in terms of technique, formula and experience and how we stand out compared to other popular cannabis beverage brands. 


How State B Cannabis Beverages Stand Out from the Crowd

From one cannabis drink to the next, some of the key features that set each beverage apart are the flavour, colours, and composition. While each of these elements that make up our State B formula is imperative to the final product, it’s only half the reason for the unique nature of these drinks — the other half relies on technique! 


The Technique

When considering the chemical nature of cannabis, it’s notoriously known to be a tricky substance to infuse into a beverage. Cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), are fat-soluble making them next to impossible to mix into water. This is the primary reason edibles and other baked goods make cannabis use so accessible — simply mix with an oil or butter and you’ve got yourself a tasty cannabis treat. 

While cannabinoids are soluble in alcohol, it’s illegal to sell this combination in both Canada and the USA. For State B, the initiative to blend cannabis in with water-based drinks has been the primary objective. 

How did we make this happen?! 

Over the years, there have been some incredible technological breakthroughs that provided our company with the framework to create high-quality cannabis-infused beverages. Using a proprietary method known as Rapid Emulsion Technology by OILS™, cannabis oil can be broken down into microscopic particles and mixed in with an emulsifier. This emulsifying agent is part water and part oil, making it soluble to mix with both ingredients. Rather than having your cannabis oil separate and rise to the top of the can, this technique allows each ingredient to combine and produce a consistent drink.  

As the cannabis industry continues to flourish, this technology has been instrumental in turning a dream into a delicious reality. Since then, we have introduced three invigorating cannabis beverages to the market. Formulated with varying micro-dose quantities of THC and CBD and combined with a myriad of enriching, botanical ingredients, each drink is designed to create a targeted experience. 


The Formula

Now that we’ve addressed all the manufacturing procedures, it’s time to dive into our list of ingredients. At State B, we take a holistic approach to the creation of our line of cannabis-infused beverages. We value the use of all-natural or naturally-derived ingredients that work together in harmony to enhance the flavours and colours of our beverages. To get the taste, aroma, and mood altering experience just right, we include a selection of adaptogens, flower essences, nootropics and terpenes in our drinks. 



Nootropics are an extraordinary class of substances that play a beneficial role in our brain health. By regulating the biochemical and neuronal activity in the brain, nootropics help to enhance cognitive performance, strengthen focus and improve memory and learning capacity. In our State B beverages, we use bacopa, guarana, guayusa, ginkgo biloba and green tea. 



Terpenes are well-known aromatic compounds found in a selection of natural plants that emit a specific scent, depending on the type in question. Some common aromas include lavender, citrus, rosemary, mint, and pine forest. While terpenes offer some of the memorable aromas you smell in a variety of food or drinks, they also help with anxiety relief, inflammation, memory and focus. Three of the key terpenes compounds we use inside our beverages include Myrcene, Linalool and Beta-Caryophyllene. 


Flower Essences

Flower essences are an essential ingredient that provides our beverages with vibrational energy to help relieve emotional, mental and physical stress. As a liquid flower extract, these compounds are thought to create a subtle shift in your state of consciousness to help ease anxiety, provide greater clarity and promote peace and tranquillity from within. Our cannabis beverages each contain two flower essences which include blackberry and gorse, hibiscus and yellow star tulip as well as peppermint and clematis. 



Adaptogenic substances are another key ingredient in our beverages that helps to promote physiological homeostasis. In other words, when our systems are out of whack (i.e. high blood pressure or lower body temperature), adaptogens work to resist this change to maintain a state of balance. Our selection of adaptogens includes ashwagandha, ginkgo biloba, bacopa, schisandra berries and holy basil.


The Experience

Designed to modulate your mood and elevate your state of consciousness, our line of State B beverages deliver a one-of-a-kind experience like nothing else you’ve tried before. Unlike most other cannabis brands, State B beverages uniquely combine a selection of ingredients to tap into all of your senses. From the vibrant colours to the burst of fresh aromas, your experience begins the moment you crack open the can. 

After your first sip, the explosions of flavours work in harmony to excite your taste buds and shift you into an elevated state of consciousness.  What sets State B drinks apart from other brands is its fast-acting uptake time. Thanks to the contributions of Vertosa, an advanced infusion technology, their great-tasting, water-soluble solutions are designed to take effect within 15 minutes. 

Together, the technique and formula brilliantly combine to stimulate your senses and bring about a profound experience. Currently, we have three cannabis beverages that each work to empower your mind, body and soul in a very unique way. 


  1. Resolve is a blackberry calamansi beverage with 6mg THC and 4mg CBD. This drink is specially crafted with holy basil, schisandra berry, guayusa, blue spirulina and Linalool to encourage creativity, productivity and purpose. 
  2. Sparkle is a raspberry yuzu beverage with 5mg THC and 5mg CBD. This drink is a delightful infusion of ashwagandha, damiana, passionflower, hibiscus and Beta-Caryophyllene that works together to spark libido and enhance sociability and relaxation.
  3. Zing is a passionfruit lime beverage with 10mg of THC. This drink is formulated with an energizing and uplifting blend of bacopa, ginkgo, green tea, sea buckthorn berry, turmeric and Myrcene to improve alertness, memory and focus.

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