5mg THC/5mg CBD




6mg THC/4mg CBD

Holy Basil



10 mg THC


Coming Soon


8mg THC/2mg CBD

Gotu Kola

Coming Soon


3mg THC/7mg CBD

Butterfly Pea

Why should State B be your beverage of choice?

State B Beverages have been crafted for both the legacy cannabis user and those who have never before used cannabis. If you are brand new to cannabis, the secret with beverages is start low and stay slow. The beauty of drinking cannabis (as opposed to eating it) is that you do not need to wait for an hour or two to know if it is having an effect, and you can easily regulate your consumption, just like the way one would with alcohol. Not to mention you don’t need to harm your lungs!  As you become familiar with the effects and how to get exactly where you want to be, you can choose to open another can to sip slowly or share one with a companion.

What makes us different from other cannabis drinks?

Each State B contains adaptogenic and nootropic herbs, flower essences and terpenes- all in a full-flavored, low-calorie delicious drink.

What are Flower Essences?

Flower essences are liquid extracts of flowers whose properties have been found to invoke a subtle shift in consciousness, and are considered a part of the realm of “energy medicine”. The purpose of taking them is to subtly shift one’s state of mind towards balance, calm and harmony. Although flower essences have a history of being used for centuries, they gained a resurgence in the 1930’s through the work of Dr. Edward Bach (pronounced ‘Batch’), a British medical doctor, bacteriologist and pathologist who experimented with flowers and plants in an effort to discover their innate healing properties. A deeply sensitive and intuitive person, he was diagnosed with a highly malignant cancer at the age of 31, and given 3 months to live. He decided to throw himself into conducting research in his lab in order to make the most of his remaining days, and ended up surviving to live another 20 years. He devoted those years to his research using the scientific method, combined with his unique innate intuition, to experiment with the plants and flowers of the English countryside. Eventually, he came up with his own modality of 38 flower essences. The work of Dr. Bach was carried on by the founders of the California-based Flower Essence Services company, who over the past 40 years have expanded the compendium of flower essences to include dozens more types of flowers, and they provide the flower essences for State B.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are organic hydrocarbons that occur naturally in the essential oils of plants. They are what give a plant its own distinctive aroma, and they possess a wide array of therapeutic qualities. There are thousands of terpenes that have been identified in the plant world, and at least 100 that are present in cannabis. Terpenes are responsible for many of the physiological effects associated with cannabis, and there is a very special relationship between terpenes and cannabinoids which result in a combined set of effects known as the ‘entourage effect’. While the exact mode of action continues to be the subject of research, we know that the synergy between terpenes and cannabinoids is incredible!

Coming soon to grocery shelves – Elevé

With all the same function, flavors, and ingredients as State B, but minus the THC & CBD.




Shroom Boom – a line of medicinal mushroom infused drinks- coming 2022

Brujera Cannatail Shrubs & Tonics -a line of syrups and shrubs to create next-level cannatails or ‘mocktails’.


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