RAVEN Trust stands alone as the only registered charity in Canada providing access to justice for Indigenous Nations. Through their dedication and perseverance, their team has faced groundbreaking challenges to defend the rights of Indigenous Peoples, their land and their future. 

We want to shed light on their hard work and years of commitment to their land and communities by raising more awareness for their mission. From taking legal action on oil spills along the Pacific coast to protecting endangered sockeye salmon by demanding the removal of fish farms and so much more, the choice to offer our support in any way possible was not only an obvious decision for our team but undoubtedly the right one. 


The Raven’s Trust Purpose and Mission

RAVEN stands for Respecting Aboriginal Values and Environmental Needs. With their mission to provide access to justice for Indigenous Nations, RAVEN Trust has raised millions in legal defence funds to protect their rights and the integrity of lands and cultures. 


Why State B Supports RAVEN Trust

Giving back to a reputable charity is something that has been the foundation of State B Cannabis Beverage Co. While there are plenty of incredible charities and foundations in the world to support, we have made it our mission to give back to RAVEN Trust for all that they have done for the Indigenous community, land, and environment. For this, we at State B are donating 1% of our profit directly to RAVEN Trust and its remarkable mission. 

If you’re interested in learning more about RAVEN Trust, here are just some of their many incredible campaigns that have continued to pave the way towards change by making a positive impact on the lives of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. 


Defend the Treaties 

A treaty is a word to describe the legal agreements between First Nations and the Crown. Both Indigenous and non-Indigenous Canadians are recognized as “treaty people”. Thanks to The Constitution Act of 1982, the treaty rights of the Aboriginal community are affirmed and recognized as a fundamental aspect of Canada’s existence. 

However, there are times where these treaties are unfairly disregarded. 

Defend the Treaties is a large campaign to help the Beaver Lake Cree Nation push back against one of the largest and most carbon-intensive energy developments on the planet… the oil sands. This initiative is in place to help educate people about the cumulative negative impacts of industrial development. In addition, the Beaver Lake Cree Nation is going to court to protect their rights to hunt, fish, and practice their culture. 

You can support Beaver Lake Cree Nation by donating here to defend the treaties!


Stand with the Heiltsuk Coast Heroes

Heiltsuk Nation has experienced a catastrophic diesel spill in their territory from the Nathan E. Stewert, a tug-barge that carried oil through Heiltsuk waters. Despite their prohibition of oil transport through marine harvesting areas, this event caused Helistuk to suffer a terrible disruption to their life, economy, history and spiritual connection to their land. With the contamination devastating these precious habitats, the Heiltsuk Nation is standing strong and fighting back. 

The Heiltsuk are taking the polluter, Kirby Corporation, along with the federal and provincial governments to court in the hopes of strengthening oil spill regulations along the Pacific coast. You can stand with the Heiltsuk Coast Heroes by donating here.


Protecting Banks Island

Gitxaała Nation has experienced the unauthorized entry of corporations to undergo state mining on the Indigenous territory without any sort of notification, consultation or consent. Today, they are urging the courts to mandate Informed Consent in the efforts to stop the mineral claims on Banks Island. 

You can stand with  Gitxaała Nation to protect Banks Island by donating here


Remove Salmon Farms in Homalco and Tla’amin

The Homalco and Tla’amin Nations are campaigning to help all five species of Pacific salmon and the critically endangered Fraser River sockeye run. As they prepare for federal court, they will be facing four salmon farm companies that are in favour of open-net salmon farms in the Discovery Islands. 

Without the consent of First Nations’ territories, farming of Atlantic salmon has resulted in a shocking decline of wild salmon populations. Ultimately, this has caused great disruption in the culture and traditional economy of these Sister Nations. By donating here, you can help keep fish farms out of this area and protect them from endangerment.


Defend the Wet’suwet’en Territory from Natural Gas Pipeline

Right now, the Wet’suwet’en Nation are campaigning to defend their territory from Coastal GasLink’s liquified natural gas pipeline. Not only will the installation of this natural gas pipeline devastate the environment, but it will contaminate the pristine forests and salmon streams with fossil fuel. 

The Wet’suwet’en Chiefs have taken action against this project by launching two separate lawsuits to defend their right and title from this type of industrial activity. In addition, this legal action will hold the Canadian and British Columbian governments accountable for climate commitments for future generations. 

To help support the Wet’suwet’en Nation, donate here!


We Encourage You To Support a Cause

There are countless ways to support a cause that you’re passionate about. If you don’t have the funds to donate, some other ways you can support a foundation or charity are by signing a petition, raising awareness on social media, launching a fundraiser or volunteering your time. No matter what you do, we encourage you to seek out ways to stand for a cause that will help make for a better tomorrow.

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