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State B is a new concept in beverage

Hangovers are officially a thing of the past. Smooth navigation between states requires slow and steady enjoyment. Bask in the feeling of calm and the beautiful moments of peace.

Merging the functional beverage with the cannabis drinkable, State B fuses THC/CBD with Ayurvedic herbs and modern flower essences to empower people to feel the way they want to feel.

State B means fuller health, greater relaxation, a renewed sense of self, and an elevated state. The choice is simple. State B – coming to American and Canadian retailers near you very soon!

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Flower Essence Services

This transcendent organization will help us infuse State B beverages with Bach flower essences made with the finest biodynamic ingredients.

Dr. Edward Bach developed and introduced modern flower essences to the world in the 1930s as a non-toxic remedy to the physical ailments that he claimed were intimately related to a patient’s emotional condition. FES has been expertly bottling Dr. Bach’s blossom-derived healing modality for over 40 years.

Together we will continue the legacy of Dr. Bach and provide windows to the inner levels of human experience and emotional awareness. This awareness is what it means to enter State B.


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