For over a century, the world of herbal medicine has introduced a variety of plant-based remedies that are thought to help minimize pain, discomfort, inflammation, and so much more. From using Echinacea to treat the common cold to Turmeric for heart health, there is an abundance of herbal remedies that are still used to this very day.

At State B, we have considered the various different holistic compounds to include in our beverages that will offer greater balance, peace and harmony. Flower essences top the list as some of the most impressive plant extracts known to contain vibrational energy which may help ease anxiety, relieve stress and elevate your state of consciousness. 

Throughout this article, we are going to give you a complete review of everything flower essences have to offer; including their history, beneficial properties, and which kinds we use in our cannabis beverages. 


The History of Flower Essences 

While the first-ever use of flower essences was likely undocumented, they have been known to make a formal appearance in the medical literature back in the 1930s. Thanks to the work of Dr. Edward Bach, a well-known British medical doctor, bacteriologist and pathologist, he pursued the study of flower essences to better understand their true healing properties.

Having been diagnosed with a highly malignant form of cancer at the young age of 31. Being given only 3 months to live, this Dr. Bach threw himself into his research and conducted various experiments using a wide range of flower essences. Throughout his research, Dr. Bach had discovered 38 essential flower essences that would eventually go on to be the foundation for dozens more in the future. 

Thanks to his devoted work and brilliant understanding of flower essences, State B has now incorporated a selection of these beneficial extracts into our beverages for you to enjoy – more on this in a moment! 


How Flower Essences are Prepared

The essences are prepared from wildflowers or pristine garden blossoms that are grown within the earth’s soil. Thanks to the four key elements of mother nature that keeps water, fire, air and earth in harmonious balance, our “laboratory in nature” has done most of the work for us. 

Unlike essential oils which are stripped from the chemical components of a plant, flower essences do not actually contain any of the flower material. Instead, they’re made by soaking the flowers in water to “imprint” their energy. In Dr. Bach’s original method, the imprinted energy from the flower essences is then preserved using alcohol. 

While this method is still used to this day, it’s important to note that most flower essence products are made without the use of alcohol.


The Power of the Flower Essences 

Ever since these unique plant extracts were discovered, developed and used worldwide, they have become a key ingredient in various holistic remedies. In terms of elevating your body, mind, spirit and emotions, flower essences are one of the top functioning plant extracts that have the potential to improve your overall health and wellness. 

As a liquid flower extract, flower essences are known to possess a very unique quality in the form of “vibrational energy”. Although the research is still growing in the area of flower extract, these powerful compounds work to create a subtle shift in your state of consciousness which may aid in the relief of emotional, mental, and even physical pain or trauma.


How Flower Essences Can Benefit Your Health

Taking a closer look at emotional and mental wellbeing, flower essences really shine in such a subtle yet effective way. Depending on the type of essence used, these plant extracts are known to provide greater clarity and focus, fuel creativity, inspire joy and serenity, and even minimize stress or worry. 

With all the many types of flowers that grow from the soil on our earth, each one provides its own message of innate wisdom. Except in this case, the message is in the form of therapeutic properties. For this reason, we have chosen to use a selection of flower essences for our cannabis beverages to allow you to capture the true essence of these wonderful extracts in every sip. 


Why We Use Flower Essences in Our State B Cannabis Beverages 

Each one of our cannabis beverages includes two different essences that capture the vibrant and energetic nature of the actual flowers. The different combinations help to enhance the overall composition and performance of the drink in a very unique way. See below for our current and upcoming cannabis beverage options. 


Currently Available

For our Resolve beverage, we have blackberry and gorse which play a significant role in manifesting decisive action and light-filled optimism, respectively. This beverage is used to shift you towards a more productive and purposeful state of mind. 

Our Sparkle beverage incorporates both hibiscus and yellow star tulip. The hibiscus works to open up the mind to a state of responsiveness, heightened passion and desire, while the yellow star tulip helps to bring about greater serenity. 

Our Zing beverage has a mixture of peppermint and clematis. The peppermint is used to bring clarity, mindfulness and alertness while the clematis is used to bring feelings of focus and allows you to become more  present in the moment. Together, the ingredients of the zing beverage helps to shift your state of consciousness towards a more uplifted, energetic state. 


Coming Soon 

Our Go beverage is crafted with both zesty cayenne pepper and indian paintbrush. Like the name describes, Go gets you up and moving by providing you with the energy, motivation and intention to take action with the help of each of these powerful flower essences.  

The Chill beverage is our latest creation for total relaxation. Made with chamomile to soothe our emotional state and lavender to combat our nervous energy, this beverage is the ultimate solution to calm your mind and body after a long day. 


Elevate Your State Today

Using a hand selection of beneficial essences, our State B cannabis beverages work to shift your energy towards a calm, balanced, and blissful state. If you’re interested in trying out one of our many drink choices, check out our cannabis beverage shop for more details.


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