When enjoying any sort of chilled beverage, a huge part of your experience is captured in both the appearance and taste of the drink. When it comes to colours, the appearance of a beverage affects both its aesthetics and anticipated taste. Colour psychology suggests something very powerful in our perception of colours in that they are all connected to an emotional reaction that can actually influence our appetite! Even the vibrancy of colours can impact our perception of specific tastes — the brighter the drink, the more we detect sweetness in every sip.

When colours combine together in harmony with a flavour, these two qualities have the ability to not only captivate our senses but to translate into a total awakening of our consciousness. At State B, we focus on using only naturally derived colours and flavours in all our beverages. Doing this helps to enhance the overall quality of our drinks by eliminating any unnatural preservatives. 

We take pride in offering complete transparency to our consumers, and with that, we plan to uncover the key ingredients that are responsible for both the colours and flavours of our cannabis beverages. Follow along to find out what’s inside! 


Sparkle for Sociability 

The Sparkle Cannabis Beverage is a bright and fun concoction of ingredients that work together to enhance sociability and spark libido. Using a tasty combination of raspberry and yuzu extracts, Sparkle is sure to excite the senses and offer a delightful shift in your state of consciousness. 

To get the vibrant pink colour, Sparkle incorporates cochineal derived from beetles. Ground into a fine powder, the light red hue from the cochineal emphasizes the look of love, romance, and spirited feminine energy. We know what you’re thinking, “why beetles?!”. As a matter of fact, a considerable number of your everyday food and beverage products also contain cochineal-derived colourants. Some of these include coloured candy, cake mixes, energy drinks and more. 

Sparkle is a spectacularly flavoured beverage that uses top of the line extracts from two key fruits. These extracts introduce both raspberry and yuzu flavours into this recipe which help to emphasize the sweet and citrusy flavours inside the drink. While we all know and love raspberries, yuzu is a lesser-known fruit grown in Japan. This citrus plant tastes like a hybrid of lime, lemon and grapefruit, with a subtle touch of rose extract. 


Resolve for Productivity 

The Resolve Cannabis Beverage is a royal purple drink that introduces the perfect balance of sweet and sour flavours. The ingredients used in this beverage help you to enter a more purposeful, productive and creative state of mind. 

The deep purple colour is naturally derived from orchid flowers which are shown to represent power, ambition, creativity and independence. Traditionally used in China for medicinal purposes, orchids have long been used for more than just their stunning colours. In some holistic practices, orchids are believed to possess healing properties that may help strengthen immunity, improve eyesight and possibly help to treat certain forms of cancer.  

As for the flavour, Resolve gives you a bold taste of blackberry and calamansi that work in harmony with one another. The sweetness of the blackberries balances perfectly with the sour calamansi, a tangy fruit from Southeast Asia that resembles lime. Not only do these fruit extracts help to bring out the flavour of Resolve, but they also carry some added benefits. For example, blackberry extract contains a pigmentation known as anthocyanins which contributes to the rich purple colouring of this beverage — plus, it acts as an antioxidant to help protect our cells. 


Zing for Energy

The Zing Cannabis Beverage lights up your senses the moment it touches your lips. Using a blend of passionfruit and lime extracts, this bright yellow beverage is designed to bring about more focus, energy, and an uplifted feeling. 

As a colour that represents happiness, yellow-coloured drinks tend to evoke optimism and good feelings. This works perfectly for the Zing recipe as the intention is to bring you mental clarity and energize your state of mind. Using a turmeric concentrate, we were able to capture the perfect yellow hue. Thanks to the active ingredient known as curcumin, turmeric is not just your average household spice. In recent studies, curcumin has been shown to aid in the management of oxidative and inflammatory conditions, metabolic syndrome, arthritis, and even anxiety. 

With such a bright and fun colour, the flavour anticipation is that much more exciting. Zing introduces your senses to a wonderful combination of passionfruit and lime. Together, these two citrus fruit extracts help to bring to life the power that this drink holds.


A Look Inside State B Cannabis Beverage 

For us, total transparency in ingredients is key. That’s why we never shy away from offering all the insight into how we create the impressive colours and flavours of our cannabis beverages. By hand-selecting each ingredient, our approach to curating a line of cannabis beverages is incredibly purposeful. The specific combinations of colours and flavours in each beverage work together in harmony to ignite your senses and help to awaken your state of consciousness. Along with the nootropics, terpenes, adaptogens, flower essences and cannabinoids, we are proud to let you in on all our not-so-hidden secrets. 

For those seeking a cannabis-free option, be sure to check out our line of Elevé drinks. Equipped with all the essential ingredients in our other drinks, minus any THC or CBD, you’ll still get everything you need to power through your day with Passion, Focus and Drive. Check out our shop for more details on each of our State B beverages and Elevate Your State today! 


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