Cannabis is a magical creation made from our earth’s soil that offers a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Although discovered many years ago, this multi-functional plant has only recently been legalized for recreational use across Canada and some of the United States. With this comes a ton of questions, concerns and apprehensions about the use of cannabis — especially in those who are on the fence about it. 

At state B, we understand that the use of cannabis is still stigmatized in most communities today. For this reason, we have set out to discover a new method of use that everyone (of legal age) can enjoy without any concern about “getting stoned” or “feeling too high”. We want to introduce a way for new users to not only feel comfortable about trying out cannabis for the first time, but to transform the way you experience it entirely. 

Throughout this article, we will discuss the vital components of the cannabis plant, their beneficial properties and how cannabis beverage products can be a great way to introduce yourself to it. Follow along to find out more! 


The Basics 

Cannabis, also used interchangeably with marijuana, has been used for decades for its therapeutic, psychoactive and medicinal purposes. The plant itself is quite complex in that it contains over 400 chemical entities of which 60 are known as cannabinoid compounds.

Some common cannabinoids include:

  • Cannabinol (CBN): this mildly psychoactive cannabinoid found only in trace amounts is shown to act as a sleep aid and help regulate the immune response 
  • Cannabigerol (CBG): a lesser-known cannabinoid known for having anti-inflammatory properties
  • Cannabichromene (CBC): this non-psychoactive cannabinoid is recognized for having a synergistic relationship with CBD which, when taken together, can express an elevated therapeutic response
  • Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCa): this non-psychoactive precursor to THC is actually the most abundant cannabinoid in a raw plant. THCa works to relieve symptoms of inflammation, pain and possibly even arthritis


While science is still discovering the power that each individual cannabinoid holds, we have come a long way in understanding two cannabinoids in particular: tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). 


What’s the Difference Between THC and CBD?

Making up the majority of a raw cannabis plant, THC and CBD are two of the more common cannabinoids that come to mind when we think of cannabis or marijuana. While they are both extracted from the same plant, their properties and effects on our bodies are vastly different.

THC is the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis that produces a ‘high’ sensation. When ingested or inhaled, THC will attach to cannabinoid receptors in the brain causing the release of a feel-good hormone known as dopamine. This hormone is linked to the euphoric sensation you experience when you become high. 

CBD is the second most prevalent active ingredient of cannabis. A surprising fact about CBD is that, unlike THC, it does not contribute to any sort of psychoactive effects. In other words, when CBD is used by itself, it will not contribute to causing any sort of high. Instead, CBD is a therapeutic cannabinoid known to induce a calming effect on our central nervous system to help with relaxation. A 2019 study discovered a beneficial relationship between CBD supplementation and anxiety-related disorders. 


Let’s Not Forget About the Terpenes

Amongst the various different types of cannabinoids, they are not the only compounds that make up a cannabis plant. Terpenes are an aromatic compound that is found in several natural plants, including cannabis. With over 100 different varieties of terpenes found in one single plant, these oily compounds are best-understood for their role in emitting an aroma. Some of the common terpene scents include lavender, citrus, orange, pine forest, rosemary and fresh mint. 

Terpenes share a fundamental relationship with cannabinoids known as the entourage effect. Together, their combined powers help to elevate the beneficial properties of cannabinoids when compared to being consumed independently. 


The Stigma Surrounding Cannabis Use

Although cannabis has a ton of great qualities to offer, there is still a huge stigma surrounding its use — what’s with this? 

For many years, cannabis users have been portrayed as ‘unmotivated’, ‘lazy’, or ‘stoners’. You even see it in movies where the characters who are smoking weed are also the ones who are jobless and lounging on the couch every day with a big bag of chips. The fact of the matter is that this narrative is far from the truth.


The History of Cannabis Stigmatization

For over a century, cannabis has had a long-standing history of stigmatization. As early as the 1900s, an influx of Mexican immigrants came to the US to flee political unrest in their home country — with them, they brought the practice of recreational cannabis use. Before this time, this was never a common practice as cannabis was used only for its hemp fiber to make clothes, paper, and rope along with the occasional medicinal practice. 

In 1937, Harry Ansiliner, the Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics passed the a Marijuana Tax Act. Using unsupported scientific claims, Anslinger spoke about marijuana as a “violence-inducing drug” and associated it directly with black and Hispanic individuals. By 1970, President Nixon repealed the Marihuana Tax Act and instead made cannabis a schedule I drug, the most serious class with high potential for abuse and addiction. 

Although we have come a long way in the process of legalizing cannabis use across Canada and most of the United States, criminalization of marijuana use continues to disproportionately affect minority groups. Fortunately, Compassion Clubs, otherwise known as Cannabis Clubs, have come together to provide safe access to the use of medicinal marijuana when there are no government-sanctioned programs available. These non-for-profit organizations help make uncontaminated cannabis more accessible to use in a safe environment for either medical purposes and/or natural therapies. 


The Future of Cannabis

As more research is surfacing, we are gaining a better understanding of the beneficial properties of cannabis and working towards normalizing its use across the country. In doing so, we have a working knowledge for the importance of dose, THC to CBD ratios and even the method of consumption that helps elevate your cannabis experience for the better.

At State B, we have tapped into a new area of cannabis products that will get all the new (and veteran) cannabis users excited! 


Why Cannabis-Infused Beverages are Perfect for New Users

One of the most common reasons people are afraid of trying out cannabis is for fear of getting ‘too high’. While this is definitely a valid response to consider when taking an edible or smoking a joint, our cannabis-infused beverages are not designed for this purpose. 

At State B, we have specially curated a line of cannabis beverages that are designed to modulate your mood and shift your consciousness in a beneficial way. We do this by introducing micro-dose quantities of THC and CBD along with a proprietary formula to help speed up the uptake time in your body. Compared to edibles where you experience a peak psychoactive effect 3 hours post-ingestion, lasting up to 24 hours, State B cannabis beverages help to elevate your state of consciousness in as little as 5-30 minutes! 


A Look Inside the Cannabis Beverages 

Rather than focusing solely on cannabis, we have also made it our mission to introduce a ton of other beneficial ingredients that serve your overall health and wellbeing. In a holistic approach, we consider the mind, body and spirit when hand-selecting our ingredients. Each of our drinks uses natural terpenes, botanical flower essences, brain-boosting nootropics and other beneficial adaptogenic substances. At State B, we go above and beyond to curate a well-rounded selection of beverages that can help elevate you to a more relaxed, enlightened state. 

Here are the current selection of drinks along with their micro-dose quantities of THC and CBD: 

  1. Sparkle is designed to enhance sociability and spark libido. This drink has a balance of 5 mg THC and 5 mg CBD.
  2. Resolve is formulated to boost your creativity, purpose, and productivity. This drink contains 6 mg THC and 4 mg CBD.
  3. Zing is created to provide your body with sustainable energy. It contains 10 mg THC and 0 mg CBD. 


Try a drink out on your own, with some friends, or whenever you feel the most comfortable. The best part is that the cans are designed for social use, giving you a great outlet to still enjoy a beverage if you don’t drink alcohol. Consider this for your next dinner party or event. 


Try It For Yourself

Fighting back against the stigma of other marijuana products, our cannabis-infused beverages are created to help you feel your best by shifting you into a more productive, creative, self-aware state of consciousness. Browse through the cannabis shop and select a beverage that best fits your preferences. 

If you’re not ready to dive in just yet, you can still take advantage of all our wonderful botanical ingredients without any of the THC or CBD in our upcoming line of Elevé drinks.


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