Most of our experiences, both the good and the bad, all make up our current state of consciousness. Depending on your day, various external factors can play into how we perceive and experience the world around us. Perhaps someone cuts you off in traffic causing an immediate shift in your mood. Your once calm, cool and collected state of mind has suddenly switched to being angry and frustrated just like that. 

So we’ve asked ourselves, is it possible to shift our state of consciousness whenever we want? Throughout our pursuit to curate a product that would facilitate this shift in consciousness, we tapped into the extraordinary qualities of cannabis-infused beverages. Formulated with an assortment of botanical ingredients, these beverages work to transform your stressful, tired, or aggravated state into a more calm, blissful and delightful state. We call this elevated state of mind the State B experience.  


How Our Consciousness Influences Us

Taking a step back into why our consciousness matters, we need to consider how it is connected to our level of awareness. In its most basic form, our consciousness presents itself as a mood or experience that can change how we view the world around us. For example, during a tired or sleepy state of consciousness, you’re typically going to experience a lowered level of awareness when compared to having an energized or stimulated state. 

We tend to feel our very best in a calm and relaxed environment when our mind and body reach an optimal level of stress-free stimulation. Current research has found that even the most basic tasks are perceived to be more difficult to accomplish when experiencing a stressful state of consciousness. On the other hand, when we are feeling relaxed we become more creative, productive, focused, and sociable. This can be achieved through practices such as yoga or meditation —more on this in a moment. 

On a broader scale, we have broken down our consciousness into two distinct states known as State A and      State B. 


State ‘A’ Anxiety

The first level of consciousness is known as State A. When you’re experiencing State A consciousness, you’re likely to be feeling more stressed, frustrated or unsettled. This shift into State A can be provoked by a negative experience such as having an argument with your partner or getting stuck in traffic. Generally speaking, State A gives you a heightened sense of stress which results in your mind, body and spirit feeling foggy and disconnected from the world around you.  


State ‘B’ Bliss

On the other hand, State B is the blissful level of consciousness that makes you feel peaceful, relaxed and even a bit euphoric. This beautiful state of consciousness provides your mind with greater clarity, giving you the opportunity to see the world around you in a more calm and sensible light. Achieving a State B level of consciousness can help you to feel more creative, motivated and productive.


Shifting Your State of Consciousness

Take a moment and think about how your body and mind feels when you go for a run outside, practice yoga or perform meditation techniques. If you start off tense and stressed out, these exercises are likely to help you relax and provide you with a greater sense of mindfulness. In other words, these exercises are all helpful to shift your consciousness from State A to State B. 

This concept sparked a transformative idea. We wanted to find out if we could develop a product that would help to shift your state of consciousness in a healthier, more enriching way. This is how State B Cannabis Beverages came about. 


Elevate Your State with Cannabis-Infused Beverages

When formulating our line of cannabis-infused beverages, our mission was to formulate a drink that not only makes you feel your best, but that also helps to empower you. Using a selection of beneficial ingredients and varying quantities of THC and CBD, each drink helps you achieve a different State B experience. It’s important to note that by using micro-dose levels of THC and CBD, you will never enter into a ‘stoned’ or ‘high’ state of mind. 


Here’s how our five cannabis beverages can help elevate your state of consciousness: 


Sparkle (5mg THC/5mg CBD)

The Sparkle beverage is a lovely combination of raspberry and yuzu citrus that functions to enhance sociability and spark libido. This aphrodisiac-inspired beverage is blended with a selection of key ingredients including passionflower, damiana and ashwagandha to help elevate you into the blissful State B consciousness.


Resolve (6mg THC/4mg CBD)

The Resolve beverage is a powerful calamansi-flavoured drink that helps you to enter a more creative, purposeful and productive state of mind. This unique blend of guayusa, holy basil and schisandra berries all combine to help you push past your limits and reach your goals. 


Zing (10 mg THC)

The Zing beverage explodes with passionfruit and lime flavours that truly give this drink its name. Crafted with bacopa, ginkgo biloba and schisandra berries, Zing helps you to shift into a more focused and energized state of mind. 


Go (8mg THC/2mg CBD) 


Go is an up and coming cannabis beverage made with delightful guava and kaffir lime. The tremendous mixture of flavours and botanical ingredients including gotu kola, maca and eleuthero all combine to enhance your motivation and drive.


Chill (3mg THC/7mg CBD)


Last, but certainly not least we have another up and coming beverage known as Chill. This tangerine and pineapple fusion combines an assortment of beneficial ingredients such as chamomile, shatavari and butterfly peas to help you reach a state of peace and relaxation. 


No matter your preference, there is a beverage fit for you. Stay tuned for our line of Elevé cannabis-free beverages — formulated using all the beneficial ingredients without any of the CBD or THC. 

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