With the hot temperatures in our forecast lately, it’s helpful to have a selection of chilled beverages to sip on. Fortunately, we’ve got you covered on three unique, cannabis-inspired recipes that not only cool you down in the heat but also incorporate a selection of beneficial ingredients that are sure to delight your taste buds. 

I know what you’re thinking… “but the drinks are already made”. You’re not wrong here — while we have created each State B cannabis beverage with intention, there is something to say about assembling your own drinks at home. The process of curating and decorating a drink helps to establish a sort of ritualistic experience. Much like performing yoga, meditating, running a bath, or even rolling a joint can elicit feelings of joy, comfort and harmony, this is no different. 

The following drink ideas are thoughtfully created using a variety of key ingredients that help to heighten your senses and elevate your experience. Grab your favourite State B cannabis beverage and join us in making one of these three healthy cannabis drink concaucious, or shall we say, “cannatails”. 


The Pineapple Explosion (with Zing)

The Pineapple Explosion is a fruity mixture of passion fruit, lime, pineapple and a fresh hit of mint. This recipe is an explosive and energetic combination that brings you greater focus, clarity and an overall uplifting sensation. The Zing cannabis beverage incorporates a selection of flower essences and botanical ingredients designed to bring you energy with a side of nootropic brain enhancing properties. 

The Zing contains two very important flower essences. Peppermint, which strengthens mindfulness and alertness while fighting off lethargy and clematis, which brings feelings of focused presence. Both of these ingredients are designed to shift your consciousness from State A to State B. Some of the enriching and energizing botanical ingredients in Zing include bacopa, ginkgo, schisandra berry, turmeric and myrcene. 


  • Sliced pineapple 
  • Fresh mint leaves 
  • Zing cannabis beverage (10mg of THC)

How to Make the Pineapple Explosion

Add about ½ a cup of finely sliced pineapple into a bowl and muddle it down into a paste. Pineapple is loaded with a ton of great nutrients such as fibre, vitamin C, manganese and so much more.  You can even choose to add some of the core for some extra fibre! 

Once this is done, take your fresh mint leaves and “spank” them. Smacking your garnishes help to open up their botanicals and release their delightful scents and flavours. Add your mint in with the pineapple to continue muddling (like you do with a mojito). 

Scoop your fresh mixture of pineapple and mint into a separate glass and pour your can of Zing overtop. Add ice and top with a slice of pineapple for garnish. This recipe is curated to provide you with a functional source of energy — sort of like coffee, but without the crash.


The Summer Night (with Resolve)

The Summer Night is a bold and delightful fusion of black berry, calamansi and a dash of spice. This recipe gives you the perfect balance of ingredients that help you enter a creative and productive state of mind. The use of our Resolve cannabis beverages is formulated with a selection of beneficial ingredients to help fuel your drive to take action. 

This recipe incorporates blackberry and gorse flower essences that help shift your mind towards intentional, decisive action and create greater feelings of hope and optimism. Other botanical ingredients in the Resolve recipe include holy basil, schisandra berry, guayusa, blue spirulina, and linalool. 


  • Pink peppercorn
  • Black sea salt
  • Lime leaf 
  • Calamansi juice
  • Resolve cannabis beverage (6mg THC/4mg CBD)

How to Make The Summer Night 

In a bowl, muddle together your pink peppercorns and black sea salt. Open up your lime leaf by spanking and add that to your bowl to be ground down to a fine mixture. 

Grab a glass of your choice and dip the rim into your calamansi juice then into your freshly made mixture. Pour your can of Resolve into the glass and top it with a touch of calamansi juice to bring out the citrus flavours. This drink is an epic creation that balances your sweet and savoury senses. 


The Fruity and Flirtatious (with Sparkle) 

The Fruity and Flirtatious recipe is a summer special that gives off notes of fresh raspberry, Yuzu citrus, mango and pomegranate. This delightfully refreshing drink is truly the perfect patio beverage to be enjoyed in the sunshine. The use of our Sparkle cannabis beverage helps to enhance sociability and spark libido. 

Designed to help you feel more euphoric and receptive, each ingredient of this recipe works in harmony with one another. The combination of hibiscus and star tulip flower essences helps to open up the mind and create an inner warmth that signals feelings of passion and desire. Some of the other botanical ingredients that elevate the fruity and flirtatious recipe include passionflower, damiana, ashwagandha, rose, and beta-caryophyllene.


  • 100% mango juice
  • Fresh pomegranate seeds
  • Dragon fruit (optional garnish)
  • Sparkle cannabis beverage (5mg THC/5mg CBD)

How to Make The Fruity and Flirtatious 

In a bowl, add a handful of pomegranate seeds and muddle it thoroughly to draw out the flavour. Pomegranates are known for their antioxidant properties as well as being an excellent source of vitamin C.

Select a glass of your choice and add your freshly crushed pomegranate seeds and some ice. Next, add your can of Sparkle and a splash of 100% mango juice. This shot of mango juice adds a vibrant colour and flavour to your drink. Finish your drink off with a thinly sliced piece of dragon fruit for garnish.  


A Delicious Way to Elevate Your State

As you move through these three unique recipes, we encourage you to bring more awareness to each of your 5 senses. The sounds of your can cracking open and the ice clinking into your glass, the fragrance of your ingredients as they open up, and the visual elegance of your creations — all contribute to the final masterpiece. 

No matter what recipe you choose, all three of these unique and delicious summer drinks are sure to excite your senses and elevate your state. Using a variety of flower essences, terpenes, and other botanical ingredients, you can enjoy these healthy summer cannatails guilt-free.


Leave us a comment if you have a delicious State B cannatail recipe you’d like to share!


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