In a world where we all enjoy a drink or two in celebration of a birthday, over lunch with some friends or even after a long day, there comes a time where it can become too much. While drinking alcohol is common in a social setting, it comes at a price. From hangovers to chronic disease and everything in between, there comes a time where a healthier alternative is needed. 

Fortunately, we have you covered on this. Using a generous mix of herbal ingredients, our Cannabis Beverages provide a delicious alternative to alcohol that helps your mind and body to relax. With a carefully crafted combination of botanical ingredients, these beverages are a new and healthy outlet for you to grab on the go, at a backyard BBQ, or while curled up on your couch watching a movie. 

Cannabis beverages are not just a ‘quick fix’ substitute for your alcoholic drinks. Instead, the quality and care that goes into every can will help you kick your craving for that glass of wine. Let’s take a closer look into the science behind your cravings, the risks of alcoholic drinks, and the top 3 benefits offered by cannabis beverages.  


The Health Risks of Drinking Alcohol

It may not come as a surprise that drinking alcohol has several health risks associated with it. Interestingly, alcohol is actually a depressant that acts on your brain to lower your sensation of arousal. While in the short term you may experience a delightfully carefree sensation, the more drinks consumed can lead to impulsive behaviour, slurred speech, poor memory, and slowed reflexes. 



In the more immediate future, like the next morning, your alcoholic beverages have taken the night to process and filter through your body. As time passes, you’re left feeling that oh-so unpleasant alcohol-induced hangover. Thanks to dehydration, sleep disturbances and changes in blood sugar levels, the morning after is no walk in the park. 


Chronic Health Problems

Although the short-term implications of drinking alcohol have been minimized over the years as being “just a normal part of drinking”, it truly is the chronic health risks that are of major concern. As one drink turns into 2, and one night out turns into a regular lifestyle choice, your risk for chronic health problems will begin to add up. 

A 2018 study notes that alcohol consumption is becoming an overwhelming global issue and all of the small changes to your health are outweighed by increased risk factors, such as cancer, heart disease, and stroke. With all that being said, there must be a better alternative! 


3 Impressive Benefits of Cannabis Beverages


1. It improves your sleep quality

As many people know, there are certain properties of a cannabis plant that contribute to its relaxing and sedative effects. For this reason, cannabis plays a role in helping you fall asleep faster and lengthening the time spent in a deep, slow-wave sleep. There are two factors that contribute to this: cannabinoids and terpenes. 

Both cannabinoids and terpenes are found in abundance in a raw cannabis plant, having over 100 different varieties of each! Of the many cannabinoids that aid in sleep, CBD and THC are the most active in promoting relaxation and sedation. On the other hand,  terpenes are the aromatic compounds that provide the taste and smell help to enhance the effects of CBD and THC. 

While alcohol helps you fall asleep quickly, the sedation wears off quickly as you metabolize, leaving you feeling tired and groggy the next morning. For this reason, it’s obvious that cannabis beverages have the upper hand in improving sleep quality. 


2. It provides relief from chronic pain

Pain management has been an area of study that is ever-growing in the world of cannabis. Throughout this research, there is proof that cannabis can provide an effective form of relief of chronic pain. In fact, a study published on the effectiveness of cannabinoids on chronic pain has determined that cannabis-based medicinal extracts have the potential to provide pain relief in those dealing with chronic nonmalignant neuropathy. 

The reason cannabinoids are so effective in pain relief is because your  nerves contain an abundance of cannabinoid receptors. When a cannabinoid, such as CBD, interacts with this receptor, it blocks the nervous system pain — sort of like what happens when you take an Advil. The best part is, cannabis beverages offer soothing pain relief without any of the negative side effects caused by other medication. 

Where there is pain, there is inflammation. Whether you’re dealing with an injury or chronic disease, too much inflammation in the body can start to become more harmful than it is helpful. Cannabis is a helpful anti-inflammatory agent that controls this sort of over-inflammatory response. 


3. It’s a healthy, delicious, and safe alternative

While the health benefits are a huge incentive to switching to a cannabis beverage, there is also a major lifestyle advantage involved. Based on the social aspect of drinking alcohol, having a delicious, feel-good drink in your hand at a party or other social gathering often feels like a must. It’s important to have a healthy alternative that is both tasty and exciting! 

When you’re in the mood for something to shift your mindset from stressed to relaxed, a cannabis beverage is just the thing. This fully-rounded, functional beverage incorporates all the necessities you would want to see in a healthy drink. While the blend of cannabinoids and terpenes give you that State B mood switch, it’s the adaptogenic and nootropic herbs and flower essences that truly set it apart from alcohol. 


Next Steps

Although the health risks of alcohol may play a considerable role in your choice to find an alternative, the impressive number of benefits that cannabis beverages have to offer truly seals the deal. From sleep quality, pain management, inflammation control, and everything in between, cannabis beverages are your perfect alternative to any alcoholic drink on any occasion.

State B is a lifestyle shift that can help you kick your alcohol craving to the curb. Check out our line of cannabis beverages by following the link here. If you have any questions about any of our products, leave us a comment below.

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