Only recently has the cannabis industry flourished in popularity across the globe. As more research surfaces about its many benefits, it’s no wonder more people are looking to try it out. Among the different varieties available for purchase, State B cannabis beverages have something quite unique to offer… you can drink it! 

I know what you’re thinking, what is so unique about that!?

Of the many sources to choose from, looking towards a safe yet effective method should be a priority. While smoking, vaping, and eating cannabis are all familiar options, there are a considerable number of health risks involved with each. Throughout this article, we take a closer look at the different methods of cannabis consumption, what health implications are associated, and how cannabis beverages may be more beneficial for your overall physical and mental well-being.


Ingesting Cannabis Vs. Inhaling Cannabis

In the efforts to lower your risk of any potential health effects from cannabis, it’s best to understand how to consume it safely. Taking a closer look at the differences between ingesting (eating/drinking) versus inhaling (smoking/vaping) cannabis, you’ll better understand how the methods impact your experience. 


Eating or Drinking Cannabis 

The growing trend of eating and drinking cannabis has proven to encourage more first-time cannabis users to join in on all the buzz. Although eating and drinking cannabis share similarities in how they are absorbed in our bodies, the overall experience is quite different. 

Eating cannabis is much slower and longer-acting with an onset time of 4 hours which lasts upwards of about 12 hours. The problem is, it’s very easy to over-ingest cannabis since edibles tend to have more THC in them. For this reason, it’s incredibly difficult to gauge how much is too much — especially in a social setting. 

On the other hand, cannabis beverages provide us with more immediate feedback, lasting up to 3 hours. Depending on how the cannabis extract is produced, drinking cannabis can take anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to deliver its full effect. State B cannabis beverages provide this sort of fast-acting experience, giving you more control over how you’re feeling in the moment. This is especially helpful in a social setting to allow you to decide if you want to drink more or stop. 


Smoking or Vaping Cannabis

While smoking cannabis has been one of the most common methods of consumption, vaping has truly taken off in the past few years. The difference between the two methods is that smoking delivers the THC and other cannabinoids by burning the cannabis whereas vaping simply heats up the liquid oil. 

Smoking or vaping cannabis are both faster-acting methods, reaching full effect by the 30-45 minute mark. The reason for this is when you inhale the cannabinoid smoke or vapour, it passes directly from your lungs into your bloodstream where it can immediately travel to your brain. While smoking and vaping cannabis provide that immediate head rush, the effects are shorter-lasting. 


The Health Risks of Smoking and Vaping Cannabis 

Since the early years of cannabis use, smoking has always been the common form of use. As time goes on, people have transitioned away from smoking and onto vaping. Although they differ in some ways, they both still present various significant health concerns. 

According to the American Lung Association, inhaling smoke of any kind can present major dangers to your lung health. Whether it’s cannabis or tobacco, your lungs can’t determine the difference as the smoke it’s being inhaled and exhaled through this system. For this reason, there are several health implications associated with chronic cannabis smoking described below. 


Health Risks of Smoking Cannabis 

  • Development of air pockets between the lungs and chest walls
  • Exaggerated cough and wheezing 
  • Excessive mucus formation
  • Chronic bronchitis 
  • Potential increased risk of infection (especially in those who are immunocompromised)
  • Potential increased risk of lower respiratory tract infections


What about Vaping?

As vaping has grown in popularity, especially among the younger generations, more research is surfacing about the potential effects it has on the lungs. Vape pens or e-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that heats up the liquid cannabis within the cartridge to provide you with an aerosol or vapour. This vapour is actually a concentrated dose which can magnify your experience with cannabis — especially in those who are new to using. Not to mention, inhaling too much in a short period of time can also lead to over-intoxication. 

Although vaping is convenient, there is not enough research available to determine how much safer it is than smoking. For this reason, you may want to consider your other options before consuming cannabis. 


Why Drinking Cannabis Is Your Best Option 

For many people, cannabis beverages are completely unfamiliar. Whether you’ve never heard that they exist or you’ve never considered trying them out, we can assure you that it’s nothing like you’re had before. 

Cannabis-infused drinks are growing in popularity across the globe. Whether you’re new to cannabis or have been a long-term consumer, these tasty beverages are something very unique to try out. Without having to learn how to use a vape pen or create your own weed brownies, cannabis beverages are a convenient and reliable option for everyone. 


The Benefits of State B Cannabis Beverages 

  • Fast-acting (within 5 minutes)
  • Accurate doses of THC and CBD in every can
  • Full flavoured using low-calorie ingredients
  • Convenient for storage and drinking  
  • Adaptogenic and nootropic properties 
  • Provides a healthier alternative to alcoholic beverages 
  • No added health risks associated with smoking/vaping 


Elevating your Cannabis Experience with State B

State B Elevate is proud to offer you a delicious and healthy cannabis option. Our line of cannabis-infused drinks provides you with the joy of THC, the relaxation of CBD and a variety of other beneficial ingredients for a well-rounded functional beverage. 

These low-calorie drinks are specially curated with a delightful mix of flower essences and terpenes. The flower essences work to subtly shift your mental state in a more calming, harmonious manner while the terpenes provide the distinctive scent and flavouring. 

Above all else, the real secret behind the benefits of our cannabis beverages lies within the herbal extracts. Packed with nootropic and adaptogenic herbs, State B drinks have reached new heights in the pursuit to elevate your cannabis experience. Nootropics work as a cognitive booster, offering greater levels of memory, creativity and motivation while the adaptogenic herbs help to reduce any physiological stress within your body. 


Final Thoughts 

When comparing the many avenues of cannabis consumption, it’s important to take a closer look at the safety of each. While certain options give you a calm and joyful cannabis experience, there may be hidden risks involved in each. For the safest, most effective option, consider trying out a cannabis-infused drink today. 

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