Having the full time position of ‘mom’ is a job unlike any other. While motherhood does encourage more adventure and spontaneity in your life, it also comes with the cost of sleep loss, feelings of isolation, emotional overwhelm and stress. By the end of the day, you just want to sit back and relax. 

For mothers experiencing this sort of rollercoaster of emotions, it’s important to seek a healthy and fulfilling outlet. Oftentimes, the thought of using cannabis is widely misunderstood, judged, and completely stigmatized — especially in the community of moms. So why is having a glass of wine so socially accepted but using cannabis isn’t? 

Throughout this article, we dive into the concept of Cannamoms, what makes cannabis beverages so unique, and why supporting other like-minded mothers who use cannabis can help end the stigma. Together, we can encourage a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle for mothers and empower cannamoms everywhere.  


The Mom Life

We are just going to come out and say it… motherhood is a beautiful, chaotic and sometimes very messy struggle. Whether you’ve got a new born baby, a toddler racing through their ‘terrible twos’ or a rebellious teen in highschool, you’re still experiencing various levels of overwhelm throughout this time. While the role of ‘mom’ will always be an incredible and rewarding job, you still need to find some balance in your life — that’s where cannabis beverages come in.


What Makes Cannabis Beverages so Unique?

Cannabis beverages are a delicious, and not to mention healthier alternative to your evening glass of wine. Compared to other cannabis products such as edibles, joints or vape pens, our line of State B cannabis-infused drinks are faster acting, contain accurate doses of THC and CBD, and even include a wide selection of botanical ingredients to help strengthen your health and well-being. 


Cannabis Beverages Introduce a Myriad of Beneficial Ingredients  



These unique compounds help keep us in a state of physiological balance by protecting our bodies from physical, emotional, and environmental stress. With this sort of stress-resistance, adaptogens allow us to cope more effectively with anything that life throws our way. 

Among the selection of adaptogenic substances available, our cannabis beverages integrate ashwagandha into Sparkle, ginkgo biloba, bacopa, and schisandra berry into Zing, and holy basil and schisandra berry into Resolve. Together, this blend of botanical ingredients has the power to help fight stress and anxiety, reduce symptoms of depression, and improve brain functioning. 


Flower Essences:

Flower essences are liquid extracts of specific flowers which deliver a subtle shift in our consciousness towards a state of balance, calm and harmony. This ‘energy medicine’ has been used for centuries as a therapeutic supplement. Our line of State Beverages include various essential flower essences to help elevate your state in a more natural way.



Nootropics are a biological supplement that have become quite  popular in the health and wellness community for having a  beneficial effect on brain functioning. Many of these nootropic compounds work to boost memory, creativity, alertness and motivation. 



Terpenes are an impressive ingredient that help to elevate our cannabis products above the rest. These aromatic compounds provide naturally-occurring aromas and flavours, depending on the strain of terpene used. When combined with cannabinoids, terpenes help to enhance therapeutic benefits when compared to using CBD or THC alone — this is better known as the entourage effect

We have hand-selected 3 essential terpenoids for our beverages that help with anxiety relief, pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties, among other things. For Sparkle we have chosen Beta-caryophyllene, for Zing we have chosen Myrcene, and for Resolve we have chosen Linalool. 


Different Cannabis Beverages Offer a Different State of Consciousness

As described above, each of the three different State B Beverages incorporate various botanical ingredients that differ from one drink to another. Using our knowledge and expertise, we have thoughtfully curated each cannabis beverage to provide users with a different experience. 

Sparkle: flavoured with raspberry and Japanese yuzu. This drink was created to enhance sociability and spark libido. It contains 5 mg CBD and 5mg THC. 

Zing: flavoured with a blend of passionfruit and lime. This drink is curated to enhance focus, energy and an uplifted feeling. It contains 10 mg THC. 

Resolve: flavoured with blackberries and citrus calamansi.This drink is formulated to help you enter a more creative and productive state of mind. It contains 4 mg CBD and 6 mg THC. 

Keep checking our Cannabis Beverage Shop as we will have two new cannabis beverages (Go and Chill), as well as three non-cannabis options from our Elevé line (PASSION, FOCUS and DRIVE) coming soon!


Cannabis Beverages are Better Than Alcohol

The dream of any mom is to have high energy, motivation and a ton of patience throughout the day. Unfortunately, alcohol is a substance that works against us. While in the moment it feels good to have a glass of wine, the effects it has on our physical, mental and emotional state are of concern. Alcohol is proven to cause brain fog, hangovers, and low energy in the short-term and more serious health conditions over the years. 

Cannabis beverages are a healthier alternative for moms to enjoy. Not only are they delicious to drink, but they help to awaken your senses and shift you into a more productive and harmonious state of consciousness. 


The Movement from Wine Moms to Cannamoms

Having a healthier alternative to wine and other alcoholic beverages is very important in the life of a busy mom. Not only will it offer a guilt-free and delicious option, but it also incorporates all the beneficial botanical ingredients you won’t find anywhere else. 

One of the main problems that many women face when considering joining the cannamom community is the stigma that surrounds cannabis use — especially for mothers raising young children. There is no better time than today to end the stigma surrounding mothers using, enjoying and supporting cannabis. These hangover-free cannabis beverages are crafted to elevate your state without any of the negative health outcomes associated with alcohol. 


Cannamom 101

If you’re new to the cannamom lifestyle, the secret with these beverages is to start low and stay slow. Like everything else, consuming in moderation will help you to pace yourself. Having fast acting effects, State B cannabis beverages offer immediate and continuous feedback. As you familiarize with the effects of cannabis beverages, you can choose to open another to enjoy.

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