Know Thyself



  • Brujera Bar Spoon
  • Brujera Ritual Bar mat/bandana
  • 4 oz bottle of Brujera Blackberry Bay Syrup
  • 4 oz bottle of Boozewitch Blueberry Lime Shrub
  • 4 oz tin of Brujera Herbal Rimming Salgar

Rim a tall glass with a slice of lime and dip into the Brujera Herbal Rimming Salgar. In a cocktail shaker (or mason jar) combine 1 oz Brujera Blackberry Bay Syrup and 1 oz Boozewitch Blueberry Lime Shrub. Add ice and shake until cold. Add ice to the tall glass and pour in the shaken mix. Top with State B Resolve (6mgs of THC and 4 mgs CBD) or a can of berry flavoured seltzer. Stir with Brujera Bar Spoon.


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