We knew from the outset that brewing State B required a botanical approach. We realized that to brew a beverage line that could command market share in both the cannabis beverage and functional beverage space meant the full-spectrum application of years of accumulated herbal knowledge and emulsion experience. We drew from unique elements of the plant world, immersed in discovering how best to combine Ayurvedic herbs and Bach flower essences with THC and CBD to reap all available benefits – with no undesirable results.

Plants work together as kind of a symphony – with the chorus finely tuned. The ingredients that went into each flavour of State B did so because they have physical properties safe for most. These plants are generally not contraindicated. And yet, throughout the entire formulation process, we were able to zero in on the botanicals that blended well with THC and CBD – on top of providing a valuable gauge against which to medicate the drinks. Hours brewing, needless to say, but something was still missing. If the cosmic combination of ayurvedic herbs with weed is not enough to capture the competition, what on Earth are flower essences then?


The State B Collection.

The State B Collection.

Through the Garden of Time

Understanding the magic of Bach flower essences – and why we felt compelled to leverage them in this beverage revolution – invites a quick journey through time to the 1930s. When the world was suffering the Great Depression and the frightening rise of Fascism, it was an innovative – and intuitive – English physician called Dr. Edward Bach that first diluted and decocted English wildflower essences into 38 unique and powerful remedies.

Bach flower essences are liquid extracts that contain the energetic vibration of plants – and their flower power has shown great effectiveness in addressing profound emotional well-being, soul development, and mind-body health over time. It was Dr. Bach who first recognized – in the modern medical paradigm – that healing stems from a connection to the soul and the spirit long before it gained mainstream acceptance. Bach provided non-toxic remedies that played to emotion and, in doing so, through his observations, provided much-needed relief for the physical symptoms plaguing his patients. He claimed the two facets to be intimately connected after all. The legacy of Bach continued through his assistant Nora Weeks following his death in 1936.


Bach Flower Essences contain only minute amounts of actual physical substance.

Bach Flower Essences contain only minute amounts of actual physical substance.


In 1988, a unique man called Julian Bernard would begin his private company Healingherbs with the knowledge he gained as a student of Nickie Murray (The protege of Nora Weeks). The life of an herbologist was always his calling. Healing Herbs provides powerful flower remedies to this day – and Julian Barnard is the leading expert on making them. As a lifelong scholar, his transcendent extracts incorporate ancient philosophy as much as modern science. They also happen to be distributed by our trusted partners – Flower Essence Services – but more on them in a minute.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Grasping just how flower essence therapy influences emotional resonance requires a broader understanding of ancient plant philosophy and its practical application. The idea that there is a plant growing on Earth to treat every physical and mental ailment afflicting humanity is nothing new under the sun – and has regained prominence in modern times thanks to the work of healers like Julian Bernard and others.

The Doctrine of Signatures is a concept as old as the roots of modern society. Dioscorides was one of the first healers to describe a plant signature in Ancient Greece – and documented the medical knowledge accordingly. As the Doctrine further developed throughout Europe over the centuries, it fostered the belief that god instills plant signatures to help humans identify the plant properties that heal. Essentially, it promotes the idea that plants that resemble different facets of the human body (in shape, colour, etc.) can suitably address the conditions affecting those same facets – and through their very structure, educate on their use.


A plant cure exists for every condition

A plant cure exists for every condition.


Take Dandelions, for example. One of the fascinating things about dandelions is that they are so prolific – they grow everywhere! Well, part of the reason Dandelions are so prolific is because they are incredibly healing and beneficial – and you can use just about every single component of the plant. You can dry the root and brew a coffee-like drink that is good for your liver (Dandelion greens are superb for your liver as well), a natural latex comes out of the stems, and, last but not least, the flowers are edible. They are full of vitamins and minerals, you can put them in salads, and you can even distill dandelion wine.

As a similar example, Ginseng is an ancient Chinese cure-all. Roughly translated, it means man-root. The signature of Ginseng is easy enough to recognize: roots shaped like a man. It is, therefore, believed to strengthen all parts of the body. Another good example is aromatherapy – the inhalation of plant oils through the nasal passage to produce varying homeopathic effects. The clean and refreshing scent of Peppermint signals the brain to induce calm throughout the body, as one example. It can help regulate fevers and soothe an upset stomach as well due to its cooling scent. Plants speak a unique language that requires translation to utilize. The ancient Doctrine of Signatures heavily influenced the creation of State B.

Emotional Initiative

The profound effect that flower essences can have is apparent to you – and your interest in practical applications beyond State B is growing (more on this in a moment as well). How to take matters into your own hands? You can purchase a whole range of flower essences from our friends at Flower Essence Services (FES), who have been expertly bottling the healing modality of Dr. Bach for over 40 years. The company’s gardens produce plant materials but also offer a rejuvenating environment for the team.

FES also carries Healingherbs essences, as previously mentioned. We recommend using resources such as this guide (in conjunction with a counsellor or therapist if needed) to decide which mental and emotional issues are most important for your health and growth – and which flower remedies can treat them. You can dose orally from a dropper bottle (four drops four times daily) or mix them into a glass of water or a bath. It is best to limit the number of essences taken at one time to 3-5 unless working with a skilled practitioner.


FES - Expertly bottingly Bach flower essences for over 40 years.

FES – Expertly bottling Bach flower essences for over 40 years.


Consider that while flower essence therapy gets counted among the rich portfolio of homeopathic remedies, there are key differences. Both practices are rooted in energy, diluted physically, and holistic in their application – and yet homeopathy still prioritizes a direct match between symptom and cure and a focus on proof of process. Bach flower essences, on the other hand, leverage the subtleties of the plant for archetypal development. They foster self-actualization and the opening of pathways leading towards life destiny. Flower essences do not interfere with homeopathic remedies, nor do they with bio-chemical medication. They are non-toxic vibrational medicine, and there is no such thing as an overdose.

Applying the Science

It is necessary to understand flower essences are not a drug. They do not work bio-chemically like most modern medications to produce physical effects directly and are not cures for any specific illness. They do not erase the pain, nor do they invite euphoria. They instead stimulate awareness of emotional blockages – and provide the internal strength to work through them. This emotional strength can indeed translate physically over time, but the work is ultimately yours to do. As is universally true when confronting pain or conflict, discomfort is almost inevitable -but confrontation is far more authentic than bio-chemical suppression, and facing the truth is the key to growth. These truths made for rigorous testing when it came time to formulate flower essences into our botanical/cannabis mix. Merging the facilitators of all states into one elevating experience is not as easy as it sounds. It is, however, the definitive answer to how to make a cannabis soda.

We had more to consider than most when dosing State B with THC, CBD, Ayurvedic herbs, and Bach flower essences. Our unique partnership with Flower Essence Services has provided in-depth knowledge. It has been a useful measure of control in ensuring each botanical is precisely ratioed in each drink. How to come down from being high is a frequent worry of most first-time cannabis users – and our formula supports the slow and low philosophy. The elevated state elicited by THC, CBD, terpenes, and nootropics gets tempered by awareness catalyzed by ingesting flower essences on top. The self-reflection is never lost when you come back down, and the question “how long does a weed hangover last?” shall never be asked again. Not only did we brew a safe and healthy beverage line with mass-market appeal, but we also brewed an integrated way of being in the world.


Allow yourself to Enter State B.

Allow yourself to Enter State B.

A Botanical Approach to life.

A deep connection to the green world has the gravity of a long-term relationship. A relationship is a constant exchange of energy and is subsequently subject to the ebbs and flows of time and circumstance. But when the connection is strong, and you feel a calling toward certain herbs and essences, it is a path that leads to healing. Plants are here to support us in every conceivable way – after all – the name of the game is just getting to know them. The mysteries of herbalism may unlock knowledge of how all parts of the plant can treat the whole organism, but with the go-go style of living modern society demands, finding time to learn and focus on these essentials is challenging at best. Thankfully, there are options.

Maintaining a healthy connection to the green world – and reaping the mental and emotional health benefits of herbs – is easy if strategically handled. Tending to plants in your home that you can grow as you go is one such example – and Eucalyptus, Rosemary, and Snake Plant, among others, are brilliant aides for keeping your vibration high. As you merge your emotional state with the plant life surrounding you, rewards lay in the observation of their natural cycles. As your relationship with plant life cycles through stages, plant energy evolves throughout seasons. For example, springtime is the best time to do deep-seated cleansing and support your liver after heavy, stagnant winter months – all the bitter greens emerge in the first months of spring. Pay close enough attention, and you can find just the right flower to instill the light of hope on the darkest winter night.

Illuminate yourself.

Illuminate yourself.

Plants come from a different place. Flower essences are the healing vibrations of nature where fire, air, water, and land exist in harmonious elemental balance. In the case of cannabis, it may even be from another planet entirely. The most fulfilling thing about brewing State B was bringing these ingredients together under the fifth element of our attuned awareness. We had to get the formula perfect so the incredible work of Dr. Bach, Nora Weeks, Nickie Murray and Julian Bernard could benefit as much from legalization as we have. The result was the creation of elixirs that can reinvigorate the soul. You don’t need to believe in flower essences for them to work!


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